"Riveting. Mind-expanding.  A masterpiece."   - Dr. Joe Vitale
"How Everyday People Are Using Forbidden Mind Control Psychology and Ruthless Military Tactics to Make Millions Online..."
"How Everyday People Are Using Forbidden Mind Control Psychology and Ruthless Military Tactics to Make Millions Online..."
Mind Control Marketing
Mind Control Marketing
"How Everyday People Are Using Forbidden Mind Control Psychology and Ruthless Military Tactics to Make Millions Online..."
"How Everyday People Are Using Forbidden Mind Control Psychology and Ruthless Military Tactics to Make Millions Online..."
"This book is mandatory reading. A masterpiece."   - Jay Conrad Levinson 
"This powerful, punchy book will snap your mind open..."   - Brian Tracy
...Off The Market For Years ... Brought Back (For Now)... But ONLY Available If You Pledge To Use It Ethically
Having trouble convincing the masses to move where you want them to go?

Are sales slumping and you're looking for a better way?

Then you'll be enlightened by what you are about to discover in this letter... in fact, it may be the most important 5 minutes of your year.

There are dozens of better ways to persuade people to willingly flock to your offerings:
  •  Without sleazy “used car salesman” flimflam
  •  Without expensive technological “widgets” that are supposed to do your work for you
  •  Without “one size fits all” solutions
  •  Without incomplete information that promises all the answers
  •  And without the pain and frustration you are feeling right now
How Did I Come To Possess This Information?
I'm Mark Joyner.

Some of you reading this page know of me. But, I'm not so presumptuous to assume you do.

And in these days of “instant expert” internet marketing, it's smart to seek out the real deal. Even though I don't like talking about myself, it's important to show you why I'm worth your time to listen to.

I'm a #1 best-selling author of over a dozen books on marketing and self-development. My passion is sharing what I've discovered for the betterment of human kind.

That's why I created Simpleology back in 2005.

But I've been around for much longer than that.

I created a multi-million dollar online business back in the days when nobody took internet marketing seriously. The company (Aesop Marketing) sprouted from a one man show to an international corporation with customers in every Internet-connected country on Earth.

One of my websites became the 37th most visited website on the planet within 6 weeks of its release. (According to trafficranking.com, the leading traffic ranking system of the time.)

My first ebook (Search Engine Tactics) was downloaded over 1,000,000 times, and some even say it was the first ebook ever created, though I'm not sure that's the truth.

But it's not important what you say about yourself, the real test is what your peers think...
 "Mark is a walking encyclopedia of practical, creative and usable here's-what-works material."

John Assaraf, 
New York Times Bestselling Author of 
The Street Kid's Guide To Having It All www.onecoach.com
"There is nobody better than Mark Joyner when it comes to marketing and copywriting skills. I'm a great fan of his creativity and I love this guy's work."

Joseph Sugarman, 
Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation, 
Best-Selling Author of ''Triggers,'' and inventor of the infomercial
''Mark is a legend and when legends speak I listen.''

Bob Silber, 
Obviously, I couldn't have accomplished my many marketing exploits without a keen knowledge of persuasion. It's been the backbone of my success. That's why I'm ready to share...
The Hidden Structure Of Winning Marketing
Did you know the architecture of selling ideas, products and services is barely taught anymore?

I'm not certain why, but it seems everyone is looking for that "Magic Pill" solution, and skipping the fundamentals... but when pixie dust doesn't prove effective, people think the failure was their fault.

But it's not.

The truth is, the foundation of marketing is rooted in persuasion.

And if your marketing is crumbling, that's the missing element.

Catchy taglines and branding don't work unless you have a war chest of money to burn. So if your marketing needs to make money now - listen up.

Not only will I show you instantly usable persuasion tactics to pump up your marketing bottom-line – I’m going to share the very foundation that’s allowed me to make millions upon millions in revenues and massive repeat business.

(Not to mention hundreds of thousands of raving fans around the world.)

Read this letter and I’ll give you a taste of 4 (of the 21) gambits essential to mind control doctrine… because in these times – you need them as much for DEFENSE as you do for offense…
It's Vital That YOU Get These 
Persuasion Facts Sooner ... NOT Later
It's Vital That YOU Get These Persuasion Facts Sooner ... NOT Later
It’s a sure bet that sharing the hidden structure of marketing won’t make me very popular with some folks.

But that's ok, because this letter is about you... not the marketing industry. And in just a minute, you'll find out why it's so critical to interupt the pattern that holds you back from achieving your goals with stunning regularity.

It’s time for something radical… because giving you the power to Vulcan Mind Meld with your market gives you the savvy you need to win customers far more often.
“Pay attention. Know your products and your prospects. If you do, you can win sales in any situation. You may know your products but not your prospects. Then, for every sale you make, you will lose another.” 

Gary Gagliardi
Author of The Art of War Plus The Art of Sales
But to me the biggest irony is the fact we’ve been conditioned over generations to think selling is evil.

Think back to your childhood. How many times did mom or dad hang up on a pesky telemarketer... or bounce the unwelcome door-to-door salesman?

And can you really blame them? Most salesmen weren’t exactly known for being subtle. But just like anything else, we tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater – so all selling becomes sleazy. That’s just human nature.

But now it’s your turn to experience and discover a more effective means to win the hearts, minds and wallets of your prospects. The new science of influence can give you…
Profound Persuasive Power!
The industry would love for you to believe their “proprietary” methods are the only way you can learn.

That's because very few people can break down the framework of persuasion and make it easy to consume. Even though million-dollar marketers use these principles, they've never took the time to tear them apart and share the principles of their own success.
"Mark Joyner is pure genius, he has a very unique ability to completely simplify complex ideas. He is the teacher I wished I had while attending University but could never find!"

Joel Therien, 
President and C.E.O. of HotConference hotconference.com
Here’s the truth. World-Class marketers are schooled in the psychology of persuasion and battle-tested military strategies because these secrets make everything else work.

And the real crime is by withholding this critical information, it's an uphill battle to understand the minds of your prospects.

Without tuning in to these little-known principles used by the elite... or thinking it's out of reach... you can only progress so far. And your results will be unsatisfying to say the least.

The Operating System Behind Persuasion Is Available To Anyone. And It's High-Time you Put its Power To The Test...
  •  You don’t need a college education to use it
  •  You don’t need a huge bankroll to own it
  •  You don’t have to be a genius to use it
  •  You NEVER have to worry about being a sleaze-bag
  •  And you’ll be amazed at how superior it is to what you’re using now!
At best, what most people online know about getting people to take action is a pale imitation of what I’m about to show you. The mega-successful are already using these tactics… and you don’t even know it. That’s how subtle they are.
Mind Control Doctrine: Sample #1
“Free” does work. Make no mistake about it: People will always love the prospect of getting something for nothing.

But, it’s got to be a part of your foot-in-the-door sales strategy. You don’t give something away without having a firm strategy for guiding your customers to the next step.

I have a formula for this. I call it, “Target, Tie-In and Collect.”

Mind Control Marketing
Chapter 3
And when you add these remarkable techniques to your arsenal, it’s like harnessing a hurricane of selling power that leaves your competition hanging on for dear life.

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll prime the pump with a few more of them…
Isn't It Time You Found
Your Missing Link?
What makes people do what they do? And more specifically, what gives you the power to get them taking the actions you want them to take?

The answers are hidden in the science of psychology..

But the problem with much of the way psychology is taught is it’s chock-full of theory. And even the most prestigious universities barely scratch the surface of the psychology of persuasion. (How do I know? I earned my Bachelors degree in psychology while still in the Army.)

Why do they gloss over these critical facts?

Well, most of these “out of tune” institutions look at selling and persuasion as a “black art.” They crank out doctors, lawyers, engineers and so called marketers… but most professors biggest selling experience is pushing raffle tickets.

And they ignore the fact that everyone in business needs powers of persuasion.

… they think you can learn it on the street.

So when it comes to getting hip to influence… you’re on your own.

Ask any recent university grad. They soon discovered college didn’t really prepare them for the real world… 

And that’s exactly why I studied the greatest minds in persuasion early on in my marketing career.

“Advertising is much like war, minus the venom.” 

Claude Hopkins
Author of Scientific Advertising
Had I not… I doubt I would have had a fraction of the success I’ve enjoyed. Not only that, but I truly believe what I learned as a former U.S. Army Officer and cold war veteran of U.S. Army Intelligence has given me a massive advantage in strategic thinking.

Here’s a million dollar secret. When you mix a dose of human psychology, with the right military tactics… you create mouth-watering marketing… and selling becomes easy.

I proved it by achieving massive growth with my former company Aesop Marketing. Since so many people flooded me with emails asking how I did it, I decided to share these amazing tactics in a #1 International Bestseller…
Mind Control Marketing
How Everyday People Are Using Forbidden Mind Control Psychology And Ruthless Military Tactics To Make Millions Online
Funny thing, I had second thoughts about even publishing it.

Even my good friend Joe Vitale urged me not to sell it…

But I came to the realization that like it or not – the information is out there – and I couldn’t stop people from finding it. (Cults and politicians use many of these very tactics…) And if I shared this information in the right context – not only could I help marketers use this information ethically, I could also help people protect themselves from being manipulated.

When the book first hit the shelves in 2002, it zoomed to #1 within 36 hours of release.

How did it get there so fast?

Because people saw it wasn’t an “average” marketing book.
“Mark Joyner has created extraordinary success for himself and thousands of others online. You’ll be wise to read how he did it. I did and it’s made me a wiser businessman. Just one idea in this book could make (or save) you millions.”

Robert Allen
Author of Multiple Streams of Income
“A wise man once said 90% of this game is half mental.” In the game of marketing, Mind Control Marketing will give you a winning edge.
Mark Joyner candidly shares dozens of hard-won lessons from his years as a US Army Officer and Internet entrepreneur. Combined with his mastery of human psychology - - specifically, this guy knows exactly why people buy. - - the result is ‘Special Forces’ marketing at it’s finest.”

Nobody else is teaching this stuff.”

Kevin Donlin
Guaranteed Marketing LLC
“Mark’s book is not only wonderfully informative, not only exquisitely motivating… this well thought out, yet simple combination of art & science is inspiring to the deepest levels of the readers neurology, resulting in ACTION, where it counts most!”

John J. La Valle
Co Author of Persuasion Engineering™
This book should be priced at $100,000 or more because if you can’t easily benefit from the tactics Mark Joyner reveals here, then you don’t deserve to be online in the first place!”

Ford Saeks
President/CEO Prime Concepts Group, Inc.
“This powerful, punchy book will snap your mind open…”           
Brian Tracy
Author of Create Your Own Future
“Mark Joyner’s book should easily find itself climbing the charts of banned books. If you want to know how to persuade people to buy your product, this is a must read. You’ll learn the secrets of persuasion, mind-control and military tactics that will explode your profits overnight.

… Get the book and use it immediately - or risk it being used on you.”

Kenrick Cleveland
www.MAX persuasion.com
“If you ever dreamed of making a fortune online, this book is mandatory reading. A Masterpiece.”

Jay Conrad Levinson
Author of the #1 selling marketing series in history Guerrilla Marketing
As well as the book sold… I took it out of print in 2005.


I thought it was the wrong place for people to start learning about marketing.

After all, the material in the book was so powerful and provocative, scam artists could take people to the cleaners using it.

And in truth, my mission is so much larger than marketing to marketers.

In fact, the whole marketing to marketer’s shtick is a source of constant amusement to me. The false scarcity, the products that don’t live up to their claims, the whole darn ‘guru’ vibe just isn’t me.

But make no mistake about it - Mind Control Marketing blows away most of the info being sold about online marketing these days…

… you can still find print editions… although only used copies are available.

At just about any time you can check Amazon.com or eBay and see copies for sale.
Astonishing, isn’t it? An out of print book going for as much as $500.

On one hand, I hate seeing people profiteer on the book… but on the other I’m proud of the fact that people actually pay hundreds of dollars to discover the secrets inside. They realize how revolutionary the information truly is…

And to this day, I still get letters and emails of gratitude from readers. People all over the globe have sharpened their persuasive powers and bottom-line profits because they took action on what they learned.
Why Is Influence Important In Everyday Life?
The ability to persuade is NOT a luxury skill. Think about it for a minute… when you take the lead in anything – whether it be deciding what restaurant to hit Friday night with a group of friends, what movie to watch, or what car you’re going to buy – either you are doing the persuading, or someone is persuading you.
Mind Control Doctrine: Sample #2

“Your success depends heavily on how your website is perceived. People may look upon you and your company with great respect after viewing your site. By contrast, they may see you as a big joke and never come back. Everything about your site – wording, design, how material is organized – must frame your message in the way you want it to be received.”

Mind Control Marketing
Chapter 8
Listen up. Influence isn’t just for salesmen. From Fortune 500 CEO’s to stay at home moms, it’s used everyday by everyone… some use it well and get what they want… others don’t and just let people walk all over them.

In fact, Robert Cialdini (professor of psychology at the University of Arizona and Author of Influence) studied persuasion just so he could understand how it was being used on him!

Here’s why Cialdini thought it was imperative to learn to influence from a 2003 radio interview on National Public Radio:
  Interviewer: “Why do you think it’s important for people to understand the mechanics and psychology of a sale?”

Robert Cialdini: “We are all recipients and communicators of the influence process all the time in our daily life. It’s not just commercial exchanges, we have exchanges with friends and family and neighbors who are always trying to get us to do something… to move in their direction.

“If we don’t understand the circumstances in which that [influence] is successful, we’ll be lead in the wrong direction frequently.” 
OK. Obviously influence is not just for people in business. But if you are enterprenurial, if you’re marketing and selling, persuasion is key. After all, how can you sell your goods and services without it?

And the more powerful and focused your powers of persuasion become… the more money you’ll make. Take that fact to the bank and draw interest on it.

Make no mistake about it, finding cutting-edge information on the topic these days isn’t easy. Sure, there’s some great books, but not many are relevant to people doing business online… unless you exert serious brain power to bridge the gap.

So I’ve come to the conclusion it’s high time Mind Control Marketing was re-released. Even though people can still find used copies for as much as $500… I can’t bring myself to gouge you for this ingenious info. (The fact is… I’m practically giving it away.)

Given the current state of online marketing education … withholding this radical information you need to truly understand the selling process is as much of a crime as not teaching it at all.

And I just can’t live with that.

So even though I’m no longer in the business of selling to the online marketing crowd… it’s my duty to cut through all the smoke and mirrors – and put something factual in your hands – because without it, success is hit and miss at best.
Let Me Tell You What
None Of Them Will!
Exploit radical psychological triggers you won’t find anywhere else…
  • The secret of “The Herd Theory” shows you how to move massive groups of people to conform to your commands so you persuade huge groups to take the actions YOU want them to take
  • How to define your group and rapidly zero in on hot buttons… instantly doubling your sales
  • What you can learn from Nazi Germany to ethically create fanatical fans who buy everything you ever release
  • A shocking University experiment conducted by Dr. Stanley Milgram that shows 62% of students were willing to kill… and how you can use this principle to leverage your “expert” status - so you can serve your growing audience and change their lives
  • The sneaky system used by Scientologists and vacuum cleaner salesmen that start out small and snowball to enthusiastic commitments from prospects
  • The Unique “Target, Tie-in, and Collect” formula that builds trust, subscribers and sales faster than any method known on the planet
  • The secret sauce used by CNN that practically FORCES the viewing audience to keep their hands off the remote control during commercial breaks and stay tuned in… and how you can use the same principle to keep people reading your ad copy by using the power of being _n_o_p_e_e
  • The blue-laser beam used for triggering decisions that cut through “buyers remorse” like a hot knife through butter
  • What essential information you need to include in your sales material to trigger the “buying response” (while simultaneously making prospects think it’s all their idea)
  • How to naturally tap into human nature and present bomb-proof reasons that back up emotional decisions to act upon your recommendations
  • Case studies from actual advertising and scientific experiments that show you how to rapidly trigger the emotions that compel people to take action – as if on autopilot
  • Why you should never try to present a product, service or idea without understanding each link in the chain of needs, and how they relate and interconnect
  • Slipping your message into the “other-than-conscious” mind that blasts away sales resistance like a fire hose on a birthday candle!
  • What really happens in your prospects mind when they see a website – and why the path they take to get there influences your ultimate credibility
  • The 4 categories of Internet Marketers and how to leap to category four and side-step serious problems in your financial health!
  • 3 things to consider with equal weight when conducting any testing and using statistics to make sense of it all
  • How lessons learned in an obscure Vietnam battlefield will create a business revolution for those that heed the teachings of Killer Junior
  • Why throwing more money at problems is a one-way ticket to heartbreak city and dismal failure (Not to mention drains your liquid assets)
  • Why understanding the concept of “business-as-warfare” will open up a whole new world of promise and possibilities that launch your campaign to massive success
  • Who is the stronger combatant in advertising and how to get behind “enemy lines” and claim the hidden advantage of surprise
  • How to lower your prospects defenses and close more business by being subtle and “slipping in through the back door” (Forget being pushy – it doesn’t work) 
  • The trick for evaluating your strengths and your competitions weaknesses so you can target their soft, weak underbelly and dominate… even if they seem undefeatable!
  • Arming yourself with warrior tactics to humiliate your competition and penetrate your prospects outer defenses faster than a New York Minute!
  • Using the polar opposite strategies of US Army Rangers to attract magnetic attention and instant recognition
  • The secret for avoiding the biggest problem in business today. Making this mistake will kill your creativity… sap your energy… and pinch your pocketbook
  • Why Sun Tzu (Famous General and author of the Art of War) was more of a business person than architect of war… and how you can rapidly install the same beliefs while taking no prisoners and achieving lightning-fast wins
  • The type of victory you want to AVOID at all cost
  • Why you should stop worrying about rules and caring what other people think and embrace the ‘Forgiveness comes easier than permission” paradigm
  • Launching your blitzkrieg and capturing rapid market share, mindshare and your fair share of the profit pie
  • How marketing online allows you to be bold – and sensible – at the same time! (And why that balance is vital…)
  • The importance of being inconsistent so you aren’t chopped off at the knees… and keeping your competition completely off balance
  • How to use US Army Anti-Terrorist training to save your business life
  • Why the Rabbit defeats the Fox more often than not…
There's So Much Waiting For You In
Mind Control Marketing
Look, people could easily use this information to manipulate others. Even though I can’t control that, I believe that most of the human race is inherently good.

So I ask you to certify that you’ll use this information to protect yourself from scammers, or use it ethically in your marketing. I want to be able to sleep at night, so I’m counting on you to be honest about this.

In effect, what I’m giving you in the electronic version of Mind Control Marketing is the operating system for persuasion and influence. It’s going to make everything else you’re doing that much more effective.
Mind Control Doctrine: Sample #3

“Once you open your mind to the concept of business-as-warfare and begin to think metaphorically, you open up a whole new world of promise and possibilities for yourself. Solutions other people cannot fathom become second nature to you. Your opponents will find you inscrutable.”

Mind Control Marketing
Chapter 11
And since nobody is giving it to you straight, since they don’t teach this in ANY school, if you really want to become a raging success in business and life – you’re going to want this in your arsenal.

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars buying a used version on eBay or Amazon because I'm offering you the chance to get it right now for only $27.

Because in times like we’re living in right now, your business survival depends on it. Good people are losing their homes, their jobs and it’s only going to get worse. And people charging insane prices (because they can) and fattening their wallets on the backs of ordinary people makes me queasy.

And when you think about it, using these methods to outflank the effects of a sinking economy, at less than the price of a spaghetti dinner for two – I’ll feel like I’m contributing to the solution. Even though it’s a fact I could offer the same package for a hundred bucks or more - $27 is doing a service for my fellow man and woman.
Simple as that.
“The methods I learned in Mind Control Marketing have been directly responsible for generating over $9,000,000 in online sales… plus a few million in offline sales too. I shudder to think if I got results like that… how much cash have others generated from the ideas in the book?”

Mike Morgan
Coeur d’ Alene, ID
"The information revealed in Mind Control Marketing should probably be regulated or outright locked away in a vault somewhere.... Yes, it is *that* powerful.
When applied correctly to your business, it could be devastating (and probably unfair) to your competitors. And best of all, Mark Joyner makes each tactic in the book quick and easy to activate in virtually any situation - both for business and in everyday life.

If you want to learn the foundation of true human persuasion, then you
owe it to yourself to grab this incredible resource. I have been applying these
techniques to my business for years with outrageous success."

Miguel Alvarez
Cancun, Mexico
“Persuasion is fundamental to marketing, advertising, and everyday life. That’s a FACT. And I’ve never read anything like Mind Control Marketing, never saw it taught in school, and have never learned it during my years in the corporate world. This is rare information indeed. If you want to discover the hidden secrets that elegantly get people moving in your direction, this is the ONE resource you don’t want to miss out on.”

Jay Simcic
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
My Promise To You...
Naturally I believe Mind Control Marketing will unlock your hidden powers of persuasion. These tactics have been proven time and again not only by me, but by thousands of satisfied readers.

And I certainly respect the fact that you’re cautious with your money these days. I am too.

So I want you to experience what all the revolutionary tactics in the book can do for you - completely without risk or obligation.

Just give me a fair chance to show you. That’s all I ask.

I’ll respect your judgment. If you ever feel that Mind Control Marketing isn’t worth a paltry $27… if you don’t feel like I’ve given you the key to Fort Knox… if you don’t start getting what you want in life and in business in the next 60 days, just contact my 24/7 help desk (you’ll get the link on the inside) and ask for a full no-hassle refund.
And you can keep the book as my gift to you. It’s yours to keep – even if you cancel – along with the other free gifts you’re about to find out about.

… and you’ll get my sincere thanks for being brave enough to try something new. That’s a promise. 

You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose – and a better life to gain.
How Many Times Can You Say
"l'll Do It Tomorrow?"
How Many Times Can You Say "l'll Do It Tomorrow?"
Listen, I’m not going to pump in some false scarcity here. You get enough of that as it is, and frankly, we all know I’m not going to “run out” of electronic books. (I’ll leave that gambit for others…)

But I seriously don’t know how long I’ll be making this available. I yanked it off the market before… and if I see an uptick in Scamsville… I’ll pull it again.
But I want you to think about this… how many times has procrastination kept you from doing the right thing? How many times have you overlooked the logical, and went for some too-good-to-be-true “magic-pill” that never lived up to its promises?

Let’s get real here. I’m not telling you that the very act of putting Mind Control Marketing in a dusty corner of your hard drive is going to be the answer to all of your problems. That would be a bold-faced lie.
But if you want to pump-up your powers of influence, sell more online products and services, protect yourself from unscrupulous hucksters, and save the money you would have spent on stuff you don’t really need…

… not only should you read Mind Control Marketing – you need to actually use the material.

Yeah, I’m talking about taking action. Deep down you already know that. Don’t let the bargain basement price of $27 fool you. Once you implement even one technique, your return on investment will be staggering.
Give Me Instant Access to My Risk-Free
Trial Of Mind Control Marketing
Give Me Instant Access to My Risk-Free Trial Of Mind Control Marketing
Yes! Let Me download my copy of Mind Control Marketing for Only $27. I have 30 days to try it out and if I'm not 100% satisfied I'm entitled to a full refund - no questions asked!
Privacy and Security Guaranteed
We take the privacy and security of your information quite seriously. We are independently audited by TRUSTe and ScanAlert regularly to verify that our privacy and security measures are state-of-the-art. Further, we are a merchant many years in flawless standing with PayPal. We provide top-notch live 24 hour customer care to protect that status, and more importantly, to protect the trust you, our customer, have placed in us.
If you don’t believe persuasion is the foundation of marketing, call or email any successful marketer and ask them. If they convince you otherwise… they’ll have proven my point.

All the best,

Mark Joyner

P.S. Mind Control Marketing is the master-key to the human mind. Sure, it's only $27... but again don't be deceived by the low investment. I just feel like this information will power up your marketing in a way nothing else could. So I want to make it easy to take advantage of the opportunity. That's why I'm almost giving it away.
P.P.S. Remember, you get the electronic version of Mind Control Marketing, the controversial "Missing Chapter" and the Website Visitor Invasion for hundreds less than a used version of the book at Amazon.
P.P.P.S. If you are not 100% satisfied with the package, my help desk is standing by 24/7 to give you an instant refund if you decide I'm not delivering the goods.
Mind Control Doctrine: Sample #4

“The problem is, many small businesses get greedy and think, erroneously and to their detriment, that spending a great deal of time on search engine positioning will open the doors to enormous success.

They employ a great many innovative techniques to gain a high placement in the various search engines. Sometimes they are successful. Usually though, in the long run, it ends up not being worth the time they invest.

Let me give you a few reasons why this is the case…”

Mind Control Marketing
Chapter 16
Give Me Instant Access To My Risk-Free Trial 
Mind Control Marketing
Yes! Let Me download my copy of Mind Control Marketing for Only $27. I have 30 days to try it out and if I'm not 100% satisfied I'm entitled to a full refund - no questions asked!
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The Missing Chapter: As comprehensive as I made Mind Control Marketing, I didn’t share all my discoveries in the book. I was nervous about some getting into the wrong hands. There was one chapter I never published... but against the advice of my friends, I've decided to share it this ONE time. Because of the controversy behind this chapter, it is only availalbe to those who upgrade now. When you upgrade now for just $17, you'll get this unpublished chapter added to your private members area.

Dynamically Updated
You are protected by our full 30 day money back guarantee! If for any reason you don't LOVE the book, let us know and we'll return your money.
We take the privacy an security of your information seriously. You can rest assured knowing you are safe.
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